Quentin Tarantino

Movies of Quentin Tarantino inspired Alexander Golberg Jero to produce "The Master and Margarita”


The new animation feature film The Master and Margarita is already expected to be a success. With the famous literary background of its story, which was originally written as a novel by the Soviet author Mikhail Bulgakov between 1928 and 1940, the new animation film is expected to be extremely successful nationally and internationally. The history behind Bulgakov’s novel, which was banned by Stalin because of its subject matter, will definitely attract a very wide audience to the theatres, as well as younger audiences because of the supernatural themes of its plot and the animation element of it. The story of the original books follows the misadventures of the Master, an author of an unpublished novel against the government, and his wife Margarita, who decides to sell her soul to the devil, masked as a professor in Moscow, in order to save her husband from a psychiatric hospital. 

The critically-acclaimed producer and music composer Alexander Goldberg Jero will work on this new exciting animation feature film, bringing his musical approach into its production. The Moscow-born musical mastermind will contribute to the atmospheric build-up of the soundtrack of the film, as well as all of the other aspects that will make it a success. Interestingly, Goldberg Jero stated that he was inspired by the world-famous iconic director Quentin Tarantino in the production of The Master and Margarita. The man behind cinematic masterpieces such as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Sin City is certainly an inspiration for most big names in the film industry. With his seminal style, characteristic filmic techniques and entertaining storylines, it is no surprise that a genius like Tarantino would inspire Alexander Goldber Jero for the production of The Master and Margarita. 

It is interesting to note some of the parallels between Tarantino’s personal and the character of the Master. Both rebellious geniuses with a very unique and revolutionary outlook of life and society, they definitely have a lot in common in the way they interact with norms and expectations is out of the ordinary and subversive. Some Quentin Tarantino fans might recognise how Goldberg Jero’s inspiration will be reflected in the editing and filming styles, as well as in his musical choices, of course. The central theme of the film of Soviet literary bureaucracy is one of the main themes that connect the character of the Master to Tarantino. Even though their contexts are completely different, their subversive natures as creators and authors is something that connects them. This was also the main creative force behind Goldberg Jero’s unique inspiration. Even though there is still a while to wait before its release, we can definitely expect some amazing scenes and unique narratives from the feature animation film The Master and Margarita, thanks to its innovative producer Alexander Goldberg Jero.