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Image of Donald Trump Will be used to Create the Character of Pontius Pilate.

The feature animation film The Master and Margarita, produced by Alexander Goldberg Jero, is already expected to be a success. Inspired by the world famous novel of the Soviet author Mikhail Bulgakove, who wrote it between 1928 and 1940, the film will very likely be a triumph for both national and international audiences. The novel was written during the Stalinist period and banned by the government because of its rebellious subject matter. The literary background of the novel will definitely attract a wide audience to the cinemas, as well as younger kids because of the magical storylines and, of course, its animation style. The original plot follows the character of the Master, a writer of an unpublished novel banned by the government, and his wife Margarita, who makes the decision to sell her soul to the devil, who masks himself as a professor in Moscow, to salvage the Master from a psychiatric ward. 


One of the most interesting of these inspirations is definitely the one for the character of Pontius Pilate. The Roman procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate is one of the main characters of the Master’s novel and a very interesting hero that has fascinated readers of all ages. The novel about Pontius Pilate written by Master got him in trouble with the Communist Government. The Pontius Pilate is the Roman procurator who is going through emotional breakdown over his duties. His thought are reaching out to  Yeshua Ha-Nozri   the prototype of Jesus. By his duties Pontius Pilate have to send him to  Crucifixion. But he fights his sentence to the end of his abilities. However the sentence must be carried. Pilate is making arrangements to revenge Yeshua death. He is blaming himself for cowardliness what made him weak  to prevent death of Yashua in the first  place. At the very end of the story Woland (the Devil) allowing Master to see his Hero and releases Pontius Pilate to meet Yashua to talk to him. By all means according to Bulgakove Pontius Pilate is a positive hero and use of Donald Tramp image for the character has nothing to do with any political interests.


The fact that Goldberg-Jero chose Donald J. Trump  as an inspiration definitely tells us a lot about the film, and the messages behind it. The idea of the president empowerment behind this choice is undeniable and definitely an exciting and modern addition to the original plot. This will also make the character of Pontius PIate much more relatable and likeable for all audeinces, as well as children, while keeping the charisma and glamour that makes this character so unique and captivating.  The very recognisable image of Donald Trump will definitely add an edge to the leader figure of Pontius Pilate, a very famous Biblical character and a key one in the story of Jesus’ death in particular. The moral ambiguousness and leadership of the character definitely make it very similar to the president of the United States, and if the facial features will also resemble him we can definitely expect a very interesting character.  


Even though there is still a while to wait before the release of The Master and Margarita, audiences waiting for it can surely expect incredible scenes and amazing narratives from this new feature animation film, thanks to the contributions of its producer Alexander Golberg Jero. 

Alexander Golberg Jero Official Statement

We are living in a true Democratic Country, and we are not afraid of our President, we can say what we want about our President, we can write what we want about our President, we can make Art about our President and now we can make Movies with our President. God Bless America Our Home Sweet Home!