Original Plot by Michail Bulgakov featuring 3 main parallel story-lines that will be presented in 3 different styles and technologies of animated works. 

Animation Styles and Technologies

3D Animation

The film main segment featuring satiric story of Devil (Woland) and his entourage visiting Moscow city, however it is also consist of very deep philosophical subjects the form of the comedy and 3D characters are greatly reflect author relationship to this part of the plot.

2D Animation

The story of Yashua (The prototype of Christ) and Pontius Pilate happening in biblical time and involve many Biblical characters, many 2D animation movies being produced around the world and got remembered by the public in this particular way of presentation of the Biblical stories.

Performance Capture

The latest techniques of animation capturing real performance of actors will be used to showcase "Margarita's Flight", " Witches Dance", "Satan's Ball" and "Epilogue" scenes of the film. Featuring virtual locations written by Bulgakov the latest modern animation technique will get "The Master and Margarita" most popular and beloved scenes visualized like never before. 

Animation Studios

3D Animation Studio

2D Animation Studio